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Who we are ?

Action Vehicles Ireland are a team of dedicated personnel located in the North West of Ireland.

We are a family Business in the motor trade for over 60 years

We have Extensive Connections in the Motor Trade business throughout Ireland & Uk

What we do ?

We cover action vehicles for all sizes of production projects across the whole of Ireland For movie/film/tv commercials 

We can provide Transportation of multiple vehicles to Set -1 to 11 vehicles at one time – Fully Qualified  Motor & HGV Mechanic Team on Site 

We have a Newly Built State of the Art service and vehicle Preparation work shop

Why choose us ?

Low overheads means competitive prices

Top class mechanical and engineering experience

On-set support and mechanics from trained personnel

Experienced precision drivers

Any vehicle, any time, anywhere

Our services

Action Vehicles Ireland are suppliers of promotional vehicles, action vehicles and stunt cars for the Irish television, promotional & media industries.

Stunt cars

Stunt cars for television, film & media and special events.

Action Vehicles Ireland supply stunt cars to the television and film industries.

Action Vehicles Ireland can supply all manner of vehicles for any purpose, so whether you just want an old scrap car to run over with a tank, drop from a crane, blow up with a cannon or maybe just a clean example for display purposes, we can supply it.

TV action cars

Action Vehicles Ireland is a reliable supplier of high-quality action cars for use in the television and film industries throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our quality of work is second to none and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver your action cars to the right location, at the right time.

Precision drivers

Precision driving can be broadly defined as a drivers’ ability to carry out any vehicular manoeuvres in a safe and precise manner. Unlike stunt driving, where there is a greater need for speed, precision driving is often done at much lower speeds with a much lower risk.

Promotional vehicles

Action Vehicles Ireland can source and supply any kind of vehicle to be used in all manner of promotional activities; from posters & adverts, television commercials.

We also have an American Style RV Motorhome available exclusively to our clients. The adaptable RV allows you to use its facilities for various needs including:

  • Mobile Green room
  • Hair and make-up location
  • Luxury actor accommodation on set

The RV comes with a driver and personal assistant. 

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